This year the Suitcase Sale is on Friday 1st December in the morning. The suitcases will be set up in the hall and classes will be invited to come and visit and spend some pennies if they so wish. Before the day, if your child wants to take part, help your child to fill a suitcase with toys, comics, CD’s etc. that they do not want anymore. Help your child to decide on some prices and give them a small amount of money to put in their suitcase for change. On the day, (1st Dec), name the suitcase clearly and bring it to the hall before school with £1 to enter the sale. Each case will be received by an adult and the £1 entry fee will be collected. Key Stage 2 children may run their own suitcases. Key Stage 1 children will be allowed to run their own cases this year as they will not be selling to the public. However, the help of an older brother or sister from our school would be helpful. Only children that come to our school may take part in the sale, either selling or buying. Whatever money the children make will be theirs to take away or, of course, spend on other bargains around the room. The children will enjoy haggling with one another over prices but adults will be in attendance to ensure that no one is taken advantage of. If a child changes their mind about selling something they do not have to sell it! They are going to have a great time. It’s a great way of raising some cash for Christmas and a great way of clearing some cupboards before Christmas. If you would like your child to take part, as a seller, please attach your child's name to their case. It is up to parents as to whether they wish their children to participate as buyers. All classes will be allocated a time slot to visit the sale with their teacher. Money sent in on the day will need to be in a named purse or envelope. FOBS Team