In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

Previous Year Pupil Premium Funding

Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) was funded in 2014/2015 according to the number of children in the following categories:

  • Free School Meals
  • Ever 6 (A pupil who is not currently eligible for free school meals but has qualified for FSM at any time in the last 6 years.)
  • CIC (children in care of the local authority)
  • Forces Children ( a pupil of a serving member of the armed forces)
  • Ever 3 Service child ( a pupil who was eligible for the service premium in either 2011 – 2012 or 2012 – 2013 but is not recorded as a service child on the January 2014 census)

The governors at St Columb Minor Academy also recognise that not all pupils who are socially disadvantaged are registered or qualified for FSM. The governors reserve the right to allocate the PPG to support any pupil or group of pupils that the academy has legitimately recognised as being socially disadvantaged. We do, in addition, support the funding of many interventions /support programmes from the Academy’s main budget from which all children benefit. It is also worth noting that many pupils who qualify for the PPG fall into more than one vulnerable group. Therefore, our pupils may benefit from a range of provision to meet their needs.

“The effective allocation of additional funding has resulted in the gap in attainment between disadvantaged pupils and the other pupils being steadily closed. Pupils receiving this support reach similar standards to other pupils nationally. Pupils who are at risk of falling behind receive targeted one-to-one and small-group support which has enabled them to catch up with their peers in the school.”

OFSTED January 2015